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A nervous office worker named Lewis, enters the public restroom of his building. He has stage fright and routinely uses this stall to avoid embarrassment at the urinal. Fed up with hiding, he leaves the safety and comfort of the handicap stall behind and faces his affliction head on.

Lewis quietly struggles at the urinal in the open air of the empty men’s restroom. His concentration is broken when Javier, a stout, distinguished, and confidently dressed gentleman bursts into the room. After settling in, Javier expels a stream that is truly awe-inspiring. He then becomes aware of the frantic energy radiating from Lewis as he struggles at the urinal next to his own. 

Lewis can feel prying eyes on him and quickly zips himself up and storms off. Javier reaches out from his post at the urinal, while continuing to pee, and rests his hand on Lewis’ shoulder. He turns around to look at Javier who gives a knowing look and says to Lewis, “ I see you.” Javier motions to the urinal with a look that says, “ Please, step up.” He hesitates but eventually steps back up to the porcelain plate. 

With his presence, Javier gives Lewis the warmth and compassion he so desperately needs. Javier sees Lewis, and Lewis feels comforted by that. There is nothing and everything in that moment. They are one and the same. Two men become one. One stream becomes two.